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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 6, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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about the election. >> sean: we need to get to the bottom line issue here. [2. all right. we can't let this happen again. laura is next. see you tomorrow. >> laura: i am laura ingraham with the "ingraham angle." these remember likely not all trump supporters and there are some reports that antifa was sprinkled throughout the crowd. if you are a trump supporter hoping to display your support for the president, today's antics at the capital did just the opposite. there are concerns about how these elections were conduct ed in the middle of a pandemic but
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that should never have lent license to violence. should we curve mail-in ballots? you bet we should. should we end the idea of jungle primaries and a 50% threshold to avoid a runoff? absolutely and prosecute all voter fraud? of course. political passions boiled over today. it will only make the lives of maga supporters more difficult. i have more to say throughout the hour. we will speak to congressmen who were on the hill when this went down. also we will speak to a video journalist who caught the moment that a 14-year female vet was shot and killed on film.
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was lethal force from the capitol police necessary? congress is resuming its debate to certify the electoral college votes. that's where we begin tonight. they are beginning to vote. let's dip? >> mr. lee? >> [inaudible]. >> mrs. loeffler? mr. lehan. mr. manchin. mr. murky. from marshall.
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mr. mcconnell. mr. menendez? mr. merkley. mr. murphy? mrs. murray? mr. paul. mr. peters. mr. port man. mr. reid? mr. rich? mr. romney. miss rosens. mr. brown. mr. rubio.
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mr. sanders. [inaudible]. mr. shots. mr. schumer? mr. scott of florida. mr. scott of south carolina. mrs. sheheen. mr. shelby? miss smith? [inaudible]. mr. sullivan? mr. [inaudible]. mr. thune?
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mr. tillis? mr. tubberville? mr. warner? miss warren? mr. whitehouse? mr. whicker? mr. widen? mr. young? >> [silence].
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>> [silence continues]. >> [silence].
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>> [no audible conversations]. >> laura: the senate is voting on the objection to the arizona election results. chad pergram has breaking news. tell us what you just learned about why congress might be here
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late into the night? >> it's going to take a while because hawley the republican from missouri who announced first he would object to the electoral votes indicated he would continue his objection to the state of pennsylvania. that's next in the mix. this is the vote whether or not to certify arizona. the house of representatives across the building is still debating arizona. they will take a vote as well. it was thought after all of the chaos earlier today maybe this would be it. people would dial back their positions and say we need to get along. let's not have objections. but they had to vote on arizona in the house and senate. rand paul thought they would call it off and approve the rest of the electoral slate.
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they don't got through alabama and alaska. house speaker nancy pelosi said, "we will not be diverted from our duty. we could not have imagined the response today." all a couple of senators switched their positions at the chaos today. before they were for objecting and they changed their position. they said we need the entire congress to certify the election results. we must stand together as americans and defend the constitution. kelly loeffler the republican for georgia who remains a u.s. senator for the moment switched her position as well over in the house of representatives. cathy rogers the republican from washington state she switched her position as well. what we are looking at right now
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and waiting for is not all 99 senators voted. they are making sure that everybody who is here wants to vote. there is one vacancy in the senate. the perdue seat that will flip to the democrats with jon ossoff. kamala harris is there and she voted tonight. the clerk will turn around in a few minutes with a big long narrow sheet. she will present it to mike pence. he will announce the vote total. to reject any state's slate of electors you need the house and senate to vote no. the votes have never been in favor of reflecting any state's electors. some democrats and republicans think is a fool's errand. we will get that result.
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then the senate will dissolve and wait for the house of representatives to get done with its debate. it takes longer to vote in the house of representatives. then you are just done with arizona. you have 47 other states to go through and one objection according to senator hawley who indicated he will object to pennsylvania. we could be here late tonight. here's mike pence. >> the objection is not sustained. the secretary of notice the house of the action of the senate informing that body the senate is ready to proceed to joint session with further counting of the electoral votes for president and vice-president. >> mr. president. >> here is where we are. we have a few more speakers now.
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they will finish between 11:30 and midnight. senates will speak for 5 minutes each. >> and our side, senators. >> following their remarks the senate will stand in recess. >> no. >> we will figure it out. >> [silence]. >> the senators will speak for 5 minutes each. >> laura: joining me now are three congressmen in the capitol
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the entire day. lee, mark, and darrel. congressman your thoughts on what we are seeing tonight and what we saw earlier today? >> this was supposed to be about the integrity of our elections. what we wound up was a national disgrace. these rioters who disrupted the debate we were going to have about the integrity of the election. a sad day for america. >> laura: congressman, you have been in washington a long time and just reelected. we see this video loop of the breach of the capitol and questions about how that was allowed to occur. your thoughts on what unfolded and whether or not this ends up helping or hurting the very cause and the policies that so many of the maga and america
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first conservatives believed in? >> there is no question at all this hurt the cause that true trump supporters and republicans wanted heard. they wanted a genuine discussion about the election in many states. as we return, it won't be the same debate. clearly it won't be the same debate we were having before. they hurt the cause. it won't change the fact that the house and senate will demand real election reform. we are dealing with something that hasn't happened in over a half a century, this kind of attack on the house. >> laura: congressman, we heard from the floor tonight from lindsey graham who has grown close to the president and a critic of the president in the past and tonight he said hey's
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just had it. let's watch. >> trump and i have had a hell of a journey. i hate it being this way. oh my god i hate it. but today, first thing you will see. all i can say is count me out. enough is enough. i tried to be helpful. . >> laura: your reaction to that and people deciding election reform is not pursuing tonight? >> this is bigger than the president of the united states and bigger than 2020. what we saw in this presidential election, secretary of state and courts decided to administer elections how ever they saw fit. we need to have that
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conversation today. [muffled audio]. for anyone not taking advantage of it is a missed opportunity. it's a misunderstanding that people view this as bigger than president trump. it's about our constitution and election integrity. we should have this conversation to ensure we are addressing these issues. we are not cowering from this conversation. >> laura: congressman green, the idea you can have a stable country if 40% of the country thinks the electoral process was flawed and rigged. it's hard to see how that holds together. especially if people believe they are being lumped in with these individuals, whatever groups they were from, came
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storming into the u.s. capitol. how do you bring stability and calm to that situation? >> well, we can't stop talking about the issue of confidence in our elections. you bring up an excellent point. i agree with what congressman just said. 75 million people voted for donald trump and thousands in my district are concerned about whether or not their next vote will really count or be undone. that's something we have to address. state legislatures should be the decision making -- maker for laws this each state. we have a separation of powers and the legislative branches write the laws. that's who we should listen to. that's not what happened here. we have to talk about. we have to stop that from ever happening again.
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>> laura: congressman, over at the white house, reports that there is talk of invoking the 25th amendment. the democrats are pushing that idea. impeachment. a rash of trump administration officials resigning. all planned out among national security staff. your response? >> today was a bad day for the president. he certainly did not handle this situation the way he could have and should have to be presidential. he is leaving office in 2 weeks. the vice-president pushed for and got the national guard here. our country will be well served in the transition to a president biden. back to what other thes said. there is no greater voter suppression than for voters to think their vote doesn't count.
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we have to re-establish for all americans a belief their votes count. i sued california's governor to keep his executive order from being enacted. many states took a cavalier approach to the election figuring throw the ballots out and see what happens. we had more votes than there are voters and that's never been resolved. >> laura: i am concerned that the double standard that is obvious on the left and among democrats in the media about
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violent protests. when we saw what we saw and continued to see in portland, seattle and in new york city and washington, d.c. and los angeles, something. everyone is sitting on their hands. nobody is coming out to condemn violence over the surely, when they were ripping down historical monuments and taking over city blocks. this was considered a righteous protest that trump stoked. now we are supposed to believe all of these people are even handed in condemning violence. you have to be consinnest across the board as we have been on this show. >> you have been. [muffled audio]. the double standards are clear. at kenosha and chicago, seattle and portland. the other side of the aisle
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members of their conference are talking about defunding the police. when the majority leader took to the floor today hoyer, he compared the people who came to the capitol today to al-qaeda attacking on 9-11. it will be helpful for them and their party to understand a lot of americans feel like this government is not hearing them. we don't want people to take all of these different matters into their own hands. i am in the rotunda which is filled with fbi and other law enforcement. this is not just about the president of the united states. this is about people on the left. and their double standards doing the right thing and supporting law enforcement 365. >> laura: thank you very much tonight. tens of thousands and hundreds
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of thousands of trump supporters came to d.c. the majority of them. more than 99% were peaceful. because of a small contingent of loons, these patriots have been unfairly maligned. joining me now is molly and chris. molly, had we saw at the capitol is inexcusable. what do you see at the rally beforehand? >> well, it was a very long day. it began in between the washington monuments with hours of people rallying and speeches and waiting to hear president trump speak and then march madness to the capitol. the capitol the grounds were
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full. it was a massive event. i heard some of the people talking about the importance of peaceful assembly. these were the type of people who came in from ohio. couple in their 60s. not prepared for riots. people from china talking about the experience of fighting communism. not what you are seeing in images of this violence. it also happened. when people talked about the experience of rule of law when saint john's church was burn and kenosha was being fire bombed. they said that because they care about rule of law. not because of who is getting hurt when rule of law is not getting followed. rule of law is so important. many americans believe that.
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this stole from the people who were marching peacefully and wanted their voices heard about election integrity. >> laura: i remember when the third precinct was attacked and burned. i remember a lot of commentary surrounding that was about the underlying concern about george floyd and the shooting death of him -- excuse me the death of george floyd and everything that happened after that. that happened and the story was over. chris, you might remember back in july. that democrats blocked a resolution condemning mob violence. it opened a statement of support for peaceful protestors and law
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enforcement who do their job. these were headlines about how democrats were blocking this resolution. any regrets from them today tolerating all of that violence? >> it's been tough to live in in city. to see over the last year political violence has been completely condoned. this has been allowed. groups attacked police officers and riots and burned building and have their own park named after them right in front of the white house. there was a chorus from media critics and politicians say this is justified. chris cuomo said where in the first amendment do you have to be peaceful? going down to the march today. i could tell this was not the same feeling i got at trump rallies or at tea parties 10 years ago. there was an underlying anger
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there. throughout the crowd, it was visible. everywhere you looked you could see people who were ready. wearing armor who had radios and were there for trouble. folks came up to the capitol looking for a protest and it turned into something violent. i was down there for hours. very, very sad to see. it brought tears to my eyes and some of the protestors there who were peaceful. an old man looked at a shattered window and said we don't do this. i am sure they were infiltrated but some were supporters of the president. >> laura: i have never seen trump rally attendees wearing black and brown helmets.
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you have ever seen them wearing those knee pads and pads on their elbows? i have been to a lot of rallies. you have covered them. i have never seen that before? >> i have not either. i didn't so it today either. but i heard people talking about how they saw people who looked like they were geared up and ready for something more intense. i was surprised by the lack of police presence there today. the first cop i saw was after i made it to the capitol, hours after i first made it to the events. usually at one of these things you see cops at every intersection. a light presence. it struck me as very different even from the november march
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that was similar although smaller but a much higher police presence. >> laura: i remember being stopped when i ran up the capitol steps. they blocked that off. if you put a toe over that line, capitol police would descend on you. it's unbelievable that people walked right into the u.s. capitol. that was a stunner. stay with me. kevin mccarthy, seesaw you earlier tonight. chad pergram told us you are in for a long night there. your thoughts on how this will unfold separating election concerns from the concerns of what happened today? >> what happened today was not
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right. it was unamerican. it was the worst of america. what will happen now will be the best. we will go through the constitution and we will show a mob can't stop this process. it's only right. you have to understand this is not the first time either side has brought up after an election about voter integrity. in 2005 you heard nancy pelosi talk about it. said it was the best form of democracy. they brought this up with every republican in modern history. >> laura: but a quick question. the hypocrisy of the democrats like they always accept the results of an election is galling. how does this happen? you have however many it was. 3 dozen people that bust through
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and get into the u.s. capitol. you have the vice-president and the house and senate leadership. everybody is there. how does that happen after 9-11? >> it was more than 3 dozen. i watched it. my office sits right by the chambers. they first overtook on the westside. then overtook on the east side. then they rushed up the stairs. you talk about people in these crowds that had helmets. they had ropes and started scaling the building. people came here to do damage. i don't know who they were with. they came here to do damage. they overran the capitol police in many areas. that was a real problem. sitting in the chambers people had to get locked in. a number of members that moved barriers in front of the doors.
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it was republicans and democrats alike to protect what was in there. when you sit back and look, we have fbi running through here. it's a crime scene. whoever stormed inside our offices, they need to be prosecuted. that's not who we are as americans. >> laura: it's disgraceful. i want to ask a question: i don't care if it's 3 dozen or 2 hundred. how were they allowed to get into the u.s. capitol after 9-11, we spent billion dollars fortifying the capitalist. -- capitol. we knew it big crowd was coming. whether antifa was in there or not, we will find out more, but we know we are sitting on a powder keg. it's stunning to me that this
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happened. we love and support the police as you know. >> yes, what they did was amazing. you watched them break windows and scale buildings. there will be a review to make sure this never happens again. these individuals should have never tried to do this. >> laura: of course not. >> we will continue to do our work and not let them off. we will win the day and show that the constitution and democracy works and bring up the issues about voter integrity. we will be stronger in the end. >> laura: you tried to reach out to the president. did you have a meaningful conversation with him? >> as the capitol was being overrun, i called and talked to the president and explained what was going on. i asked him to speak to the american public and speak to these individuals and tell them to stop.
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he put a tweet out and went a short time later to do a video. i talked to the vice-president who was here at the time to be able to bring the national guard government there was shooting going on. there were bombs put under different parts of the capitol and other buildings outside. we were able to -- when i talked to the vice-president he called in to have the national guard come in. we had to clean this and take the building back. >> laura: what can you say to americans tonight of all political stripes. you are a republican, those republicans who feel like this election was not fair that they are being unfairly lumped in with the people who did this today. they are demoralized. what is your message?
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>> we watched what happened to our cities and streets this summer. i condemn that and this as well. i believe in the rule of law. that's what runs this nation. law. from my perspective, we need to solve this election integrity issue. you can't bring people together if they do not trust what is going on in elections. back in 1993 they voted on voter integrity. they were supposed to clean up these rolls. when you have a pandemic and they send ballots out to everybody. the law says the legislaturure is supposed to make these decisions. these are questions you should be able to raise.
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what did you say on social media. can't i disagree with somebody and still respect them? respect their opinion even if it's different. .>> laura: would you urge the president to attend the inauguration of joe biden? >> i think after today what is best for this nation is to unite. any example we can show uniting and a smooth transfer of power sets us apart from the rest of the world. that's a positive experience. that will happen in 2 weeks. if that can happen, it should. >> laura: i think attending an inauguration is something most americans expect even when you disagree with the outcome. thank you very much. tonight a woman is dead after
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being shot during the chaos at the capitol. we are about to show you a short video of the gunshot ringing out but not the most graphic images. >> [gunfire]. >> [bleep]. >> laura: fox confirmed the woman killed is ashley babbit. a 14 year vet who served 4 tours of duty with the u.s. air force. tonight she is dead. killed in the u.s. capitalism. -- capitol. joining me now is taylor hansen who filmed the video you just saw. you were right there. i have to ask you. was she posing a threat that seemed like it was putting others in imminent body danger or physical harm?
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>> absolutely not. i had a conversation with her 10 minutes prior to her getting shot in the neck. she was there to support the president. she was not violent. just in the wrong place. >> laura: was she trying to get through the door? i saw one picture. she was at the door. you see the video or still photos of police on the other side of the door with guns drawn. you were there. if your estimation was that a moment where this went down and that shot was fired hitting her? >> the minute the shot was fired, a supporter or somebody that infiltrated he was causing a lot of problems prior to that. there were three cops standing there at the glass windows. i watch schumer and the rest of congress walk out. we were in the congressional hall. this guy started going beserk
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and punching the cops. he was insti gating everything. he pulled down a piece of glass and i heard the shot ring out and i watched her hit the ground. by no means was she kicking doors in. even if she was -- >> laura: you have been a lot of protests over the last year or so. tell us about the difference between today and others. >> it's insane. i went to portland. i have been everywhere with these people. it's my job to go and infiltrate these people. just what i have seen today it's
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despicable. i never expected a reaction like that from the police. i am a huge supporter of law enforcement. i back the blue. what i saw today was insane. i have never seen use of force like that even in portland. >> laura: going back to the individual you say was causing a lot of the trouble at that moment when the shot rang out, tell me about his appearance and demeanor? did he seem like he had a political agenda? >> absolutely. anybody that goes in there that charged up and wants to start something has some sort of agenda. there were some people with ropes. that's an antifa tactic. he was charged up and ready to go. he was attacked the line of officers that pushed up to the capitol building. he was causing problems
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throughout the entire day. >> laura: when the shot rang out. a lot of us watched the most graphic part of other video shots when she is on the ground which is heart wrenching. did she say anything. did you hear her say anything. did others try to render assistance to her? obviously the shot looked fatal from what we could see. >> yes, she did not say anything. she hit the ground. i was filming and i stopped filming. my videos are split in 2 because i had to shine a flashlight on her to stop the bleeding. we put our hands on her neck to stop it. we watched her eyes go wide and there was nothing we could do. >> laura: as an american and someone who covered peaceful protests and protests that devolved into horrific chaos in
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portland and seattle, your comments about what we as americans can take away from this today. >> we need to learn. we need to learn and love and grow and get along. none of this would be happening if we didn't have the media that spins things the other way. we live in the greatest country. we need to love each other. >> laura: i could not have said it better. we need to pray a lot and hard tonight and going forward to this country. congressmen, your experience of a sheriff kicked in tonight. we see you talking to rioters
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through the broken door of the house floor. what happened during that conversation? you heard what we just talked about with the woman who was obviously killed. >> thank you for having me. it was a tense time. we are in session. we saw a bunch of plain clothes officers escort the speaker off of her chair. other unformed officers secured the doors. moments later that main door, that main hallway that leads into the house floor just started being kicked and people were hitting it and it was a very tense time. i have been in law enforcement 30 years. i said i have to do my part and protect this most sacred place.
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that's the house of representatives. >> laura: well, chris, the tactics of what we saw today, what in your mind are they like? we saw an independent journalist give us an eyewitness account of what he saw with an air force vet. don't know much about her. sounds like she was not posing a threat to anyone. she is dead tonight. there were other people in helmets and knee pads. >> what happened today was disgraceful. i think what you are referring to is what i saw on images throughout the day. some of these tactics are like antifa. this was foreseeable. you would expect for them to infiltrate the crowd to create
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an incident. that's what they are set up to do. i was shocked at how unprepared the security forces were. there were too few. their tactics were more retreat than secure the building. they were vastly outnumbered. >> laura: congressman, i asked this to mccarthy earlier in the show. i didn't get a thorough answer. maybe there is no answer. after 9-11 you had to take your shoes off to get on an airplane. you go through stringent security. but apparently if you have a couple of ropes and some knee pads, can you get into the u.s. capitol. how is that -- that's a disgrace
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given to what we have done to innocent americans being security screened were they go. this is allowed to happen? >> i have been up here for 3 days. you felt pretty safe walking around the capitol grounds. who in their right mind would have thought you would have had a group of individuals storm the capitol? i was talking to the individuals. these protestors through the door. i was telling them is not the way to handle business. we as patriotic americans should be able to have a casual conversation with each other and agree to disagree. we need to get back to sit at a kitchen table and discuss things and have meaningful dialogue and debate issues. we can't do that today. the hatred and the name calling
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and the slurs and the insults. we as americans must do better. we should come together as all americans. and make sure that something like this never happens again. these individuals -- what you are doing is wrong. it's unamerican. get away from this door and get back outside. what you are doing is not healthy. this is a black eye on this institution. the world is watching. this is embarrassing. >> laura: chris, we watched a year of normalizing violence in the united states in places we never thought of violence. perpetuated night after night. turned into festival atmospheres. it was stung. now we see this today.
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andy who covers antifa, chris, i know you him. he was there in the capitol. he wasn't there. excuse me. he said he doesn't think it's antifa. we don't know. maybe we will know more. and reporters indicate otherwise. this can't be normalize in the united states from any political persuasion or any viewpoint. it cannot be normalized and it was normalized before today. >> you have seen the extreme erosion of the rule of law across the country. i have been in iraq where there was no rule of law. this is what antifa and organizations like that want to see. they want to see anarchy and no law. i don't have any proof they were in the crowd.
7:48 pm
i can guarantee you that one of their goals would be to instiga instigate ins desantis. -- indents. they are not left or right. thoughts what we have seen across the country for the last 18 months. >> laura: joining us now raymond arroyo. you were monitoring the media reaction today. what did you see? >> i want to give you a sense of how the media reacted to this mob. watch. >> look at those pictures. >> the definition of sedition is to overturn the rule of law. >> i hope we don't become
7:49 pm
a nation with an in house terrorists. >> it's a scary scene. >> laura, this same scary scene, the media depicted in a different way a few months ago depicting violence against federal buildings as acceptable behavior. even patriotic expression. >> too many see the protests as the problem. please show me where it says protests are supposed to be peaceful. >> there needs to be unrest in the streets when there is unrest in our lives. >> i want to be clear how i characterize this. this is not unruly. >> laura, the first thing we have to say violence in any context for any reason must be condemned. no matter who is doing. the media has shown indigation
7:50 pm
towards violence. it's okay here and justified. but today everybody needs to be shot on sight. all of it is wrong. when the president cleared out the park he was condemned as a tyrant because he sent federal troops out to clear the park. today there were calls to bring the national guard in and we have a dead veteran lying there in her own blood in the capitol. none of this is just if iable. we should take a moment and consider what is happening in the country. over the weekend, on new year's eve, antifa launched attacks with molotov cocktails. we heard nothing about it. that hatred landed on the steps
7:51 pm
of the capitol. we should have taken note of it last year when it was in america's front yard. >> laura: every act of violence against lawful crowds against monuments. in parks directed at law enforcement. remember in the summer when they were spitting in the faces of the nation al guard. >> throwing bricks. >> laura: the miracle mile in chicago was trashed and vans were pulling up and taking anything they wanted. it was called consumer reparation or something like that. it was all justified. none of is it justified. it's all bad. it has to be condemned by both political 35er9s. -- parties. we didn't arrive here overnight.
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there a cultural and spiritual deficit in the country. >> there is something fractured in the american soul. those who justify it using partisan excuses. there is no justification. we were very upset when statues were coming down when images and names were defaced. why? because it teaches our children and the people we saw today that the things we treasure, the monuments who we are as a people don't matter. if you disagree, you can burn them and bash them in. it's always wrong. you should be stopped. this violence has to end. >> laura: this is how cnn's jake trapper framed the storming of the capitol. >> i would like to remind our
7:53 pm
viewers that president trump referred to journalists as the enemy of the american people. who is the enemy of the people right now? it's president trump who convinced his followers to do violence. >> this game of pitting one party against the other. demonizing people. the cancel culture has to stop. your congressman in the last segment said we have to speak again and sit down at the table. we need civility again. you can't do that if you demonize another. all american voices need to be heard. now is the time for that.
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that include the president and the speaker of the house and everybody in between. we can find a better way. we have to. >> laura: tucker made that point tonight. stiffling speech is not going to help here. it will make it worse. we have to have more speech and it has to be more civil and informed. raymond, thank you. are you shocked or disgusted by what you saw unfolding today at the capitol? do you sea double standard in the way the media and democrats react to violent mobs? are you demoralized about the future. with the georgia run off losses do you think it's over for america? it's natural to feel all of these things. losing is never fun whether you feel like you were cheated or got beat the old-fashioned way. it feel like the end of your party and a monument and the end
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of america. tonight, none of that is true. mais true, the trump administration will be out of power in 2 weeks. millions of republicans believe the election was stolen. many questions remain unanswered. most will never be resolved. thin who told you that mike pence could overturn the decision of state electors was deceiving you. hundreds of trump rallies have taken place over the past 5 years across america and without violence. the maga supporters who stood in line for hours in minnesota and in the cold in michigan. they were not violent. they were patriots. i was there. i saw them. but those 2 breached the capitol hill security today, they were
7:56 pm
criminals. i have been to dozens of trump events and the criminal actions we saw today do not represent this movement. the washington "times" is reporting that 2 antifa were spotted in the crowd. any effort to use this movement as cover for illegal act of violence is wrong. it should be condemned. we are trying to save this country not to tear it down. we also have to ask this. what was accomplished with all of the complaining over the past 2 months? why were legal challenges unsuccessful even when brought before conservative judges? why was the 2020 election commission never established? it should have been done right after the election. why didn't georgia have a consent degree regarding signature verification? did these efforts grow the
7:57 pm
america first movement or hurt the hard left? no, no, and no. did these efforts register thousands of new gop voters in georgia? no. a few nights after the election. i said while we should investigate and challenge state electoral procedures, the primary focus of our efforts had to be on georgia. for now, it's time to take our gains and learn from our defeats and expand one of the greatest political movement of the past 100 years. if it's time to affect an unfavorable outcome in this election, president trump needs to do it with the same grace and composure he demonstrated at the town hall is savannah guthrie.
7:58 pm
some maga supporters claimed i was not fighting for trump. i supported trump in 2015 and 2016 and many of my critics were writing him off. my point was and is, this america first movement is bigger than any one person. it must survive donald trump. our populace conservative agenda improved the lives of millions of america. our spotlight on china forced many in the d.c. establishment to admit they were mistaken about that country. our efforts to improve the courts resulted in hundreds of serious minded constitutional federal judges. our rallies from the tea party to president trump's campaign events last year they energized tens of millions of hard working americans who had a political movement they could call home that looked out for their
7:59 pm
interest. president trump was right about this today. america is still the last best hope of humanity. the best is yet to come he said. we won't abandon her. we will not give up. we will not be silenced. we won't be maligned. with jove love and joy and trust with people in our country we will keep moving forward because our ideas are better idea. we proved they work. you bet we will build a better and freer america for all of our citizens. after the senate voted to vert tie the challenge against arizona's slate of elector, they are waiting to speak to the house. the house vote is expected between 11:30 and midnight. then the joint session reassumes. we expect objections to pennsylvania so we may be here all night. that's all the time we have
8:00 pm
tonight. i am praying extra hard for the country and for peace and healing and discernment. we are all americans and need to love each other a lot more. shannon bream is next. >> shannon: this is where we stand tonight. of the senate and house are back in session at this hour, debating the certification of the electoral college vote for each state. we are watching the number of objections. more than 100 congressional republicans are planning to push back on the certification from a number of disputed states, but tonight, in the wake of today's tragic events, many are changing course. amid growing calls to hold them accountable for what happened today, others standing firm in their plans. the district of columbia is under curfew. there is a heavy police presence on the capitol grounds. the national guard is on the scene, as well. a woman has died after being


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